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We couldn’t be more proud of our Wicked 87's rich, clean and wickedly smooth high-proofed nature. Our small batch whiskey is distilled in the heart of Kansas from the highest quality, locally grown corn, and then aged to perfection in toasted oak barrels from Missouri.

Our whiskey is called American light whiskey because it is distilled from corn at 180 proof which differs from the common bourbon whiskey which is distilled at 160. Straight from the still our Wicked 87 is placed into Missouri oak barrels. The whiskey will then be cut with distilled water down to our very smooth signature 87 proof. Perfect to enjoy on the rocks, with a splash of cola or to make the best Irish coffee you have ever tasted! This rowdy American Whiskey conjures up light notes of oak, butterscotch and hints of smoky vanilla. Don't forget our Wicked 87 Go Box which can go anywhere glass can't, including the beach, racetrack, and concerts!

It’s a recipe for one rowdy night!

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Small batch spirit Whiskey is aged for a longer period in Missouri oak, has a slight lower alcohol content and carries a smoother smokey flavor. It's more of a reserved taste, as is more distinct in its flavor. Let the smooth smokey flavor caress your taste buds and enjoy the ride!

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Our handcrafted Red Hot Flavored Whiskey will sooth your soul and warm up the crowd! This infused spirit boasts cinnamon notes with a cooling finish.

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